After the Storm

We haven’t had any visitors since Wednesday except for the seniors who came Friday night to watch the sunset.  There have been a couple of thunder and lightning storms and lots of fog but today it’s crystal clear.

When it clears off at night and you go out, you’d expect to see constellations and stars more vivid than ever before, but what I hadn’t anticipated is that you have to look at them through the light of the Light.  This effect is as though someone had put a dome of light over the entire island but it’s like a circus tent or an umbrella.  There are alternating panels of frosty haze with black, which comes from shadows created by the supports of the structure around the Light which blocks the beam in a narrow band.  Through that black, the stars are brilliant.  In the haze, it’s like looking up at them from the countryside through a fine mist.

I’m anxious to post some of the shots we got, post storm.  Enjoy!

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3 Responses to After the Storm

  1. debbie winkleman says:

    Well Michael. I’m really having fun following your blog. (now that Casey has shown me how to do this) The pictures are gorgeous.

  2. gaflick57 says:

    Could you take a lantern (“lant’n”) a hike away from the light for a clearer view?

    • The island’s not that big. You’d have to go out 30 miles. The light shines even farther than that but because of the curvature of the earth, you can’t see it beyond that point. It also depends a lot on how much moisture there is in the air. The stars are brilliant and only slightly diminished by the light.

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