Fish Chowder

France lost her glasses.  We retraced her steps on the north trail where she was cutting grass and nothing.  We could almost hear the gulls screeching, “They’re coming back?  I swooped down for her glasses, so how’d she find her way back?”  It’s really, stay away from our home!  I’d use stronger language but this is my first blog…

Then she made the most amazing fish chowder.  But get this, she thought it missed the mark because she didn’t have what she wanted to make it thicker.  Take away the things that you think make fish chowder so special like bacon, cream and butter and what do you have?  I wouldn’t think much, but in fact, what France served up was more delicious than any I’ve ever had before.  Fresh Haddock from Plant’s, some broccoli left over from last night, onion and buttermilk and for the rest, ask France.  How is this possible?  The nice white wine didn’t hurt.

The Ocean is 360 here.  I will never be tired of that.  I’m trying to get my friend Lenny to come and visit when Darko comes with his mom.  It’s so vast.

Time flies by really swiftly and already just two weeks into our stay here, I see the changes that I certainly never noticed in New York.  Well, there are the obvious ones.  But here one day the bushes are green and the next they have beautiful blossoms on them and then someone says those are blackberries and I’ve got visions of pie or tart, or something so fresh.  And the sun shining in one window where we set an African violet on the sill is direct today when it wasn’t before.

After the first few days here I thought my thighs and calves were bulking up.  It’s not what was happening.  They were seizing up.  I’m kind of seeing changes in myself happening as quickly as the ones that are going on around me.  This is a harsh environment but just so breathtaking at the same time.  I’ve never felt more blessed and more alive.

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5 Responses to Fish Chowder

  1. Tristan says:

    Loving the updates. But you’re a day ahead. Tomorrow is the 12th, Sebastian’s b-day, that’s how I know for sure.

  2. Tristan says:

    Ahhhhh, now that I posted that, it seems your computer clock may have mis-stepped. Or the wordpress clock. No matter. The entries are still much appreciated.

    • WordPress seems to be 4 hours ahead so probably headquartered in Europe. I know so little about it other than it’s the one Jessica recommended. Darko says it’s a popular one too. I’m debating whether to spend sixty bucks per year so I can upload video. What do you think? Happy Birthday to Sabastian! Seven? How will you celebrate? Glad you enjoy my journal. I’m just like your wide-eyed son at this place. Everything is a marvel.

  3. debbie winkleman says:

    You had me at the fish chowder. Everything sounds absolutely heavenly. Keep talking about bacon… and Lenny just might come.

  4. gaflick57 says:

    Michael, when you create a WordPress account, it defaults to UTC -0. You can specify your local time at

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