Sudden Squall

It came on suddenly and you could see the squall line and the storm approaching.  A white band that seemed to encircle the island led the dark clouds, which passed over, followed by the rain, lightning and thunder claps.  Jamie and Sol were fishing in the cove and came up for cover one by one.  Later fog rolled in and hovered at the edges of the islands in the distance threatening to engulf them.  You could see it creep around the tower.  Jamie and I were on the catwalk and came down as visibility went to nothing.

What replaced the cold stiff breeze of the last two days was balmy warm air that brought a beautiful sunset and our first outdoor dinner.  First there were the lobster, which had survived nicely.  We plunged them into a steamy pot with seaweed at the bottom.  And then came the ribs.  No one had room to finish up the blueberry pie.  That’ll be for breakfast.

This morning the day was bright and calm; we got a bit of a late start, everyone did some reading and hiking after blueberry pie and coffee on the porch.  We gathered for breakfast and were able to eat outside again.  One tip we’ll remember:  bring the food out when you’re ready to sit down to eat it.  A gull almost got into the butter, but France very diplomatically went outside and said, “Excuse me!”  Jamie brought some terrific sausage from Vermont which went really well with the farm fresh eggs.  After breakfast Sol made brownies which we had to taste before she and Jamie took off to explore the north trail once again.  While I started the  carcasses boiling with some celery, garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns and onion for stock in the big pot we’d steamed them in the night before, I put together the base for the lobster roll with the remaining meat from the one that was leftover, Jamie appeared panting in the kitchen drenched in sweat.  Sol had slipped on the trail and injured her ankle.

I thought he’d left her there and we’d have to get the stretcher to bring her back but he had in fact carried her back, and there she sat in pain on the front porch.  Bags of ice and a pillow materialized and France got out the first aid kit she’d already been through and updated.  Sol had thought to call in sick so they could stay an additional night but that was now out of the question.  It was a bad sprain.

We couldn’t get hold of Captain DeBery by phone so France called Dave who volunteered to come out on his boat.  When he called back to confirm we asked if we could take Sol down on the tram.  This was a first.  No people get to ride the tram, only provisions, and I was determined to tape it but everything happened so fast, there’s only one photographic document of the four of us on the beach with Sol’s foot bandaged up, but smiling, as Dave’s boat approached the cove.  We’d like for there not to be a repeat performance; just before they reached the hospital in Brunswick, Jamie called to say that all was well and that they hoped to come back later in the summer.   I’m glad the mishap didn’t spoil the adventure.

Ethan’s bringing four people out to watch the sunset soon and a photographer’s coming at five in the morning to take some shots of the lighthouse and the grounds for four hours.  It may be a short night…

Just received this update on the injured guest from her companion:

Seguin island tried to Kill US!!!

2 tourists from NYC were hiking along a remote path along the south

shore of the Seguin lighthouse island off of the coast of Maine today

when the a female hiker, Sol Posada, was pushed into a dangerous hole,

twisting her ankle severely.

“It was really strange,” companion and sometime lover Jamie Ward,

remarked, “One minute we were walking along a path and happy, and the

next minute my lover is on the ground screaming.”

Seguin island is known for it’s poltergeists, petty ghosts and high

level of cuisine.

“We have only been here for the summer and the ghosts have already

stolen our good sunglasses and feelings of hope for our president,”

said Lighthouse Keeper Michael Boonstra,” We basically eat gourmet

food all day and play one song over and over-“Oops I did it again” by

Britney…. It’s awesome!”

France Cousin, his romantic counterpart added,” I will probably kill

him if he plays it again.”

Sol was taken to the local Midcoast hospital in Brunswick, but not

before being joined by Mr. Ward, who broke thru a supporting plank and

falling on the rocks 30 ft below the tram scaffolding on his way to

the waiting boat taxi waiting at the island’s cove.

“He was lucky he only broke his back, usually these ghosts demand a

sacrifice early in the season” Boonstra added.

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1 Response to Sudden Squall

  1. debbie says:

    Oh my goodness, the adventure gets better and better. But poor Sol.. I hope she is healing. You are absolutely killing me with the picture of the lobsters. Be careful Michael and keep your eyes and ears open for the ghosts!!

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