Matthew’s Wish

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our first official overnight guests through the Friends of Seguin Lighthouse arrived yesterday afternoon after I’d spent most of the day mowing grass.  (I’ve never seen grass grow so fast!)  Make a Wish Foundation had arranged with the FOSI to fulfill six year-old Matthew’s desire to stay in a Lighthouse.  His grandmother had given him little models of lighthouses she had visited and the fascination grew from an early age.  He had traveled with his mother and grandmother from Indiana and was off this morning to a train ride in Wiscasset and a plane ride after that.

They came on Phil and Susan’s thirty-nine foot sailboat into the cove late afternoon on Friday and while he came up top with his family and checked into his quarters and surveyed the seas from the catwalk of the lighthouse, Phil and Susan prepared a lobster bake on the deck in front of the boathouse.  France and I were thrilled to be invited, and had our fill of soft-shelled lobster, followed by homemade moon pies from Phil’s mom.  This is the traditional desert to follow a shore lobster bake and they were delicious chocolate cake discs sandwiching a layer of vanilla icing.  Wow!

After climbing back to the top of the lighthouse to watch the sunset and all the lighthouses you could see for twenty miles send their beacons, naming them and figuring out which was which, we were treated to a glorious full moon rising in the East.  Matthew was safely tucked in with the toy dog from the gift shop displaying the Seguin collar and Amy, his mom, listened to the sounds of the ghosts of Seguin.

I rose early to make blueberry muffins and all were safely back down in the cove by seven-thirty ready for the new day’s adventure.  Happy sailing Matthew!

The work party arrives shortly that plans to lower the flagpole today; the second one will come with a welder tomorrow and hopes to put it back up.  Cross your fingers!

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4 Responses to Matthew’s Wish

  1. Amy Skaggs says:

    Hi Michael and France! Thank you so much for spending your time with us on the beautiful island. I think that was my favorite experience of Matthew’s Make-A-Wish Trip. I wish I could find a way to duplicate the sounds, smells, tastes. and overall atmosphere of the island and the lighthouse. It was so very peaceful. Our family is very thankful to you and to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for all of your kindness and generosity.
    I know I heard the ghost of the captain while I was standing on the outside of the light.
    Take care and walk carefully,
    Amy and Matthew Skaggs

  2. Mary Ann Weddle says:

    Hi, Michael.
    We enjoyed reading your blog about Matthew. He had a wonderful trip. He loved every minute of every day. We especially enjoyed our time at Seguin with France and you. You both were wonderful hosts. I know you are both enjoying your stay. Your blogs and pictures are a wonderful way for you to remember your time there. It is truly a beautiful place. Please tell the Friends of Seguin Lighthouse how much we appreciated the opportunity to spend the night on the island. We will never forget it. Please give our love to France.

    • Thank you Mary Ann, Amy and Matthew. We enjoyed your visit very much. It was the highlight of our stay thus far and I don’t expect to host more appreciative guests. Best wishes to you all.

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