Ready for the Fourth

Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, we didn’t get the flag flying again today but not because the pole isn’t up.  Thanks to Jim Bennett, all went well yesterday and the pole us back in place and freshly painted.  Today, however, is rainy and foggy so the flag will not fly (although it could, because it’s made of nylon).

We had many visitors, some with picnics, some with dogs (one old girl named Two Spot), some who’d been before and some new comers.  Most everyone who comes is glad they made the trip.

Unfortunately, the tram started acting up and stalling.  We got Jim’s welding equipment up the hill and almost all the way down the hill late afternoon when it died completely.  The filter needs to be cleaned but that’s probably because we’re scraping the bottom of the diesel fuel barrel.  Who knows when that was cleaned out the last time.  Now we just need more fuel, and before Wednesday, but especially before the big 4th of July weekend.  The Friends have board member guests staying for two nights and our friends from New York arrive for almost a week.  If we make them carry their stuff up this hill, they may turn around and go home.

There is a banner in the flag drawer with a lighthouse on it.  It may be an official lighthouse flag.  When Dee and I saw it and that the hardware is there to fly it underneath the American flag, we determined it should go up for sure next weekend for the holiday, on the newly erected clean white pole.  Let’s hope for favorable weather.

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4 Responses to Ready for the Fourth

  1. Amy F. says:

    I’m coming whether or not the tram works… get ready! I can’t wait. XO –Amy

  2. Jim Bennett says:

    Thank you for documenting this event for furture maintainers of the island. Many unknowns are now knowns… and the flag looks Great!…
    Planning to come out tomorrow PM… take measurements for grant application and see if I can jury rig a few things in the mean time…bringing a 2005 vintage Bordeaux for you and France…

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