The Next Hurdle

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It’s been a busy weekend with guests Cyndy and her friend Phyllis from Los Vegas.  I love it when guests bring lobster.  France spent a lot of time clearing more sumac blocking the view of the Cobblestone Beach from the porch.  Dragging it away to dump behind the Whistle House was almost as difficult.  There were nine rings in some of the trees but in fact they grow like weeds and needed to be tamed.

France also cleared more of the foundation to the old wooden assistant caretaker’s house near the Pump House which no longer stands.  And last night when I went out on the North Trail to see if the blackberries were ripe (they weren’t) I was surprised to see a great view France cleared a trail to, from which you can look down to the Donkey House.  Perhaps Ethan’s hopes of cutting a trail through the woods on the side of the cove are not far off.  It’s a new perspective I’ve never seen before on these 64 acres.  I don’t get out enough.

Yesterday was beautiful but no visitors came ashore although several tied up in the cove and slept or fished.  France and I were grateful because we’re both consumed by the presentation we must give on Saturday at the Maritime Museum for the FOSI Summer Fest.  PowerPoint is not as easy as I’d hoped and because I’m doing it for the first time I’m afraid I won’t be very good at it in time and the result will look amateurish.  I’m trying to follow the advice I read from the statement Amy’s company put out in May saying that you shouldn’t allow these visuals to tell your story but instead you should use them as an aid.

Then France decided to do her version, not waiting for my second edit as I had requested, and it was really good.  I had always seen the little video I’d done about lowering the flag as part of the presentation but am now interspersing bit of it throughout the entire show.  It’s more interesting, I must admit.  The newest idea is to do just one lowering with the best bits from each.  I’ll try that just to see if I can.  I hope that connection cable I ordered on line works with the equipment at the museum or we’re dead in the water without a paddle.

Just finished a third edit and it looks good.  I have heard the cable arrived too.  Fingers crossed!

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