Earl’s Wake

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The sun rose directly over Monhegan this morning and there’s not a cloud in the sky.  But Earl’s affects are far from dead.  In addition to the swells that continue to pound from the southeast, there are white caps on a very dark blue sea today and not a sign of a vessel of any kind to be seen.  When I looked out my bedroom window just before dawn I could swear I saw a dog nestled under the picnic table trying to keep warm and out of the wind.  I could see the gusts lifting it up ever so slightly from time to time.  I was worried that perhaps it was dead.  When I put my glasses on I was relieved to see that it was only the two big laurel branches Geof and I had pruned on the north trail and taken back to the house to take the leaves for the kitchen.

I wonder when Geof will get off this island.  He’s ticketed to fly back to Chicago this evening.  When will the seas be calm enough for Captain DeBery to come to the rescue? We went to the end of the south, north and Cobblestone Beach trails yesterday and got a lot of great shots.  Along the way we clipped branches that were obstructing passage.  Today we should get out and whack the north trail.  I can’t imagine we’ll see any visitors, no less the crowds that are expected for the holiday weekend.

France continues to strip paint off the wall in the gift shop and Lucia has finished sanding the little table where the children’s books and other reading material are displayed.  I finished the bench in the museum but should have had twice as many upholstery tacks as I used.  Geof polished all the pots and pans on the rack using vinegar and salt and baking soda on the copper because we had no copper cleaner.  Wow, do they shine.  He dug so much grass clippings out of the crevices in the rock on the front lawn that he exposed a fissure no one has seen in years, I’d venture to say.  Inside, at the bottom, with a hole that led even deeper, was a huge termite colony.  Let’s hope they don’t crawl across the lawn to the house.

And the wind is at 20 knots and steady.  I’m worried I shouldn’t have put the flag up to fly stiff in the wind and cause such a racket.  I’m worried it will be torn apart.  The lighthouse banner should be flying under it this weekend but until we see a visitor, I’ll save the wear and tear.  In addition to the hoards of visitors expected this weekend, we were supposed to see Dee, Seguin Board President, and Connie, Office Manager, and friends who had planned to stay over for two nights because it didn’t happen a couple of weeks ago when the nor’easter prohibited the trip by boat on the appointed day.

There’s three ripe bananas in the kitchen need my attention for bread.  When in doubt, bake.

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