Friday, May 22, 2015, 4:30 PM

Larry started us off with scrambled eggs and sausage tacos; boy that man can cook!

Next on the agenda was to mow and rake the lawn for the third time in 6 days.  You can almost watch it grow.  We’d no sooner accomplished mowing when out first visitors came up the hill.  An instructor and his students of environmental and natural resources at Plattsburgh, NY, paddled over in kayaks.  They toured the museum (still missing portions of the exhibit that are ashore) and the gift shop and signed the guest book.  A visit wouldn’t be complete without a trip up the tower.  They were inquisitive and interesting kids and expert kayakers.  When they left here, they paddled around the entire island.  One  young man was from Rochester, NY and went to my alma mater.

IMG_5453IMG_5455 IMG_5456 IMG_5457 IMG_5458 IMG_5459 IMG_5460 IMG_5461 IMG_5462 IMG_5463 IMG_5464IMG_5465IMG_5466IMG_5467

When they left there was just time to rake the grass before a light shower got everything wet in bright sunshine.  We looked everywhere for the rainbow.

IMG_5470 IMG_5471

A hot shower felt so good; especially since Larry is cooking tonight and I can write this.

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