September 27, 2015

We’re still getting our bearings and doing lots of rearranging of drawers, furniture, shelves, you know:  nesting.  That and the fact that it was Sunday gave us justification to coast a little today and look forward to the full eclipse of the moon.  I know a lot of you saw it and Lance’s photo of it next to the Empire State Building was amazing, but I must say that watching the eclipse on Sequin Island 153 feet above sea level was something I will never forget.  But more on that later.

We started our day with a hike to inspect the North Trail including the loop into the Bog full of cattails this time of year.  The walkway, put down with two by sixes, last done in 2005, are in need of replacement or resetting.

IMG_0882 IMG_0883 IMG_0885 IMG_0886

Returning to the house at brunch time, we thought apple-walnut pancakes and bacon would see us through to dinner.


Down in the cove, we found that the dead sturgeon had finally washed out to sea to a more dignified burial than the one it would have met up on the rocks.  Lindsay did a great job repainting the welcome sign under the tram last week.

IMG_0890 IMG_0891 IMG_0894

In the cove the captain of a Sea Tow motored in, waved, took a photo of us posing on the deck, and left.  We got our feet wet playing with Grady, who had his first taste of salt water and sand.  Candy collected a handful of sea glass and we both red a while on the deck.

Each room in the house poses challenges at different times of the year critterwise.  There was a moth invasion in the upstairs bathroom; crickets dance in the night on the kitchen floor and one lingers behind a shelf taking to us while we play gin and Scrabble in the evening, and there are flies everywhere inside and out.  You can fill up enough sticky fly strips with them but they are still relentless.

Finally we had to get down to setting the stage for the show in the sky, so I got the coals going in the grill with a strong wind at my back and made a good show of grilled zucchini and Delmonico steaks from the greenmarket in New York City with caramelized onions.

IMG_0896 IMG_0898

The show was spectacular although my photos don’t do it justice.  The entire sea was lit up with the full moon as it rose in the east.  And when the eclipse was full, there were more stars in the sky than I thought were possible to view with the naked eye, even with the competition it gets here from the light at the top of the tower.

IMG_0899 IMG_0901 IMG_0904 IMG_0908 IMG_0912 IMG_5625 IMG_5628 IMG_5630

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