Seguin Island Light Station: Generator Powered in 2019

It’s a very different experience on the island this year because the power cable that was laid in 1956 that runs under the sea has been deemed unsafe by the Coast Guard, and was shut off last spring. To compensate, generators were flown in by helicopter, which we turn on twice a day until the funds can be raised for solar. The Coast Guard put up a small solar panel to run auxiliary lights instead of the thousand watt bacon that used to shine out of the 1st order Fresnel lens. A gas stove was flown in by helicopter to replace the electric one last August. Small steps.


But we’re here and so happy to be once again on this little paradise closing down for the season. We’ve come ashore on Lighthouse Day so the banner was flying under the flag.  Without the use of the big electric heater, which keeps the house warm into October, the island will close early this year. We have a lot to do before the crew comes next weekend to assist in the final closing of the buildings and tower and really love every minute of it.


Hopefully the few hours per day that we run the generators will keep our provisions from spoiling in the fridge.  Last night’s supper was the perfect summer meal:  hamburgers on the grill, fresh sweet corn on the cob and the last of the beans picked from the garden here on the island, sautéed in olive oil with garlic.  Raymond, the chef from Oklahoma left us blueberry pie for desert.

Early to bed meant early to rise, just in time to see the sunrise, just to the right of Monhegan Island, 26 miles to the east.


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