Hurricane Paulette Hits the Island

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Paulette hit the island early today so the work crew couldn’t make it out for the usual Wednesday Warrior activities. And the sun was a strange colored red ball both rising and setting; I’m told it’s an effect from the fires in the west.

Cyndy and I spent some time battening down the hatches and bringing in anything we thought would blow around in the 42mph anticipated sustained winds.  Being down to just two English muffins and a couple of slices of sandwich bread, we baked!

We hiked out to the South Trail in the afternoon hoping to see some of what Paulette was bringing in but it wasn’t as spectacular as storms passed.  There were cormorants hanging out on a cliff and all the gulls that didn’t migrate seemed to be here as well.  We thought that strange since this was the windiest part of the island today, unless they were dodging the peregrine falcons that have recently made a home here. They’ve been attacking a lot of the finches and smaller birds and making a huge mess, often leaving just the heads on the catwalk around the light at the top of the tower.

Cyndy showed me the new Cove Overlook Trail on the north trail which caretaker Chris blazed. It leads through one of the only forested parts of the island down as far as you can see an overlook into the cove from the western side. It’s quite special and a great addition to the trails already established here.

The cove is calm because Paulette has been pounding the other side of the island (SW) but today it seems to have passed and the wind and rough seas have subsided.

Posting has been very difficult and time consuming because of weak connections and inter-net access.  I may not do the final one until we get back to shore on the weekend.  Until then, happy trails

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