Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For me, coming back to Seguin now feels like coming home in many ways. It was five years ago that I was here for the entire summer as co-caretaker. This is the 25th anniversary summer that FOSILS have put caretakers here on the island to maintain this beautiful site for the enjoyment of all who make it out here; and no matter how difficult the task at hand may appear at the onset, it always seems worth having put out the effort in the end.


Bob and Michelle with T’Ann (in black).


Greg and Ethan chat with Larry.

Since coming out last Saturday, we haven’t had much time to stop and take stock. Last night I sent in this report to the co-chairs of the on-island committee and the FOSILS office:

The lawns have been mowed twice.


First pass.

First pass.

Cobblestone and Cove Trails whacked.

Sump pump replaced in the gray water tank and tank scrubbed.

All three toilets prepped for usage.
Weather Station installed and working properly for the first time in five years.

IMG_5304 IMG_5305 IMG_5306IMG_5332 IMG_5334
Museum and guest quarters cleaned.

Leak in water pipe under the tram for hose connection tightened and stopped.


To do or unsolved:
No electricity in Boathouse
Fan not working in the Clovis
Riding mower creeps at an increasingly slow pace. Larry will examine transmission.
Clean and set up gift shop

Set up museum

So far the menu has included kielbasa on the grill one night and beef chili the next (Larry said he was impressed, which was high praise from a Texan on a Yankee’s take on chili), and blueberry muffins for breakfast.  Larry is working on pork loin on the grill tonight:  Texas style.


Larry and T’Ann will be great out here.  Larry is a really hard worker and a quick learner.  T’Ann really pitches in:  the place is becoming spotless.

Larry’s grilled pork loin chops and asparagus were sensational.  For now, I’ll end this post with a few more photos.  Larry and T’Ann will go to shore tomorrow for a half day for supplies (we’ll run out of water if they don’t) and hopefully find a charger for my camera battery which I left home in New York.  Tonight:  roast chicken with green beans, cherry tomatoes and roasted potatoes.  We won’t need lunch after the huge southern style breakfast Larry cooked up this morning.  Today is wet and rainy with possible thunderstorms and hail predicted for this afternoon.  We’re busying ourselves with indoor work setting up the museum and gift shop and clearing the cobwebs from the winter.  Tomorrow should be sunny and we can rake up some of the mowed grass.  I’ll post this and head down to the Whistle House with Larry to see if we can find out what’s wrong with the transmission in the riding lawn mower.  I ended up doing the second cut with the push mower and must have clocked ten miles.



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